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Member Services Department

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The Member Services Department has the responsibility of managing the transition of student membership to full membership of ICAG. It does this through the processing of application after a student’s successful completion of all the relevant levels of the CA professional programme.

Member Services Department regulates accountancy firms by issuing licenses which mandate them to practice publicly. Apart from maintaining a database of all members of the Institute, the Department also maintains a database of accounting firms within the country.

It is also responsible for providing members with training opportunities to regularly upgrade their skills and competencies. This is achieved through the planning and organizing of continuous development programmes (CPDs) and mandatory CPDs. Tailor-made training packages are also offered to corporate entities in the private and public sectors.

It creates the enabling environment for accountants in various locations throughout the country to hold regular meetings as its way of empowering members in these locations to take direct responsibility of the welfare and development of their contemporaries. This is achieved through the work of the District Societies.